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Fixing dissorted Screenshots

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hi there. me again xD

some of you might get completely blurry and dissorted Screenshots, like this:


well, this happens in fullscreen when your screen-resolution doesn't match with the game-resolution.
but fear not, there are easy fixes for that, too.

1.) check your current screen-reloution:

(sorry, my system is in german, but i guess you know where to check your own screen-resolution.)

now, there are 2 ways to fix this:

1.) use the opensetup.exe in your capus-ragnarok folder and set the resolution to the same as your screens.

2.) in case you use some odd screen-resolution or it isn't in that drop down menu, fear not, there's still a way.
2.1) open the file "OptionInfo.lua", you can find this in (your_path_here)/Campus Ragnarok Online/savedata/
almost at the end you see 2 entries;

OptionInfoList["WIDTH"] = 1280
OptionInfoList["HEIGHT"] = 1024

change tis 2 entries to match your screen-resolution.
if your screen is 1600x900, set:

OptionInfoList["WIDTH"] = 1600
OptionInfoList["HEIGHT"] = 900

works with any resolution you have :)



Thanks for your information :)


You are here » Let's Play Ragnarok Forum » System Guides » Fixing dissorted Screenshots