Hello Folks,

most of you might know me, i'm that guy sitting around, greeting ya and either help you or stuff you with tips and equips. well, i often seem sitting around AFK, but that only happens when real life strikes, something annoying like my boss telling me to do work and not play or i hog this forums here. but overall, most time you see me sitting around, i'm also there and not AFK for too long.
and NO, i'm no admin or GM here (also not planning to do ever), so everything's on my chars is legit =P

i'm from good, ol' Germany, so cope with me if i seem rude or impatient... it's not that i'm rude, it's just how people here are: direct, no smalltalk, tell me the heck what you wanna know (well, actually, i'm a bit short tempered if you act TOO foolish).
i'm 35, a bit old for onlinegames maybe, but i'm RO-player since the very beta, so i'm quite proficient with any jobclass. actually i just play RO to stay in touch with the english language, and playing is a bit more fun than stupidly watch english TV-shows or even wose, learning like i'd be back in school... baaah.
I'm a programmer and database-admin in real life, so i stick around computers since quite a while, also usually the whole day xD

most preferred jobclass... uh, i don't really have one. i just prefer some jobs slightly above others, but that's only because they are either easier to equip or to lvl. i'm a lazy bum, so that's the one and only reason.

Aspera, Saggitaria, Kanami, Glacier, Stellvia, Garfield, Akushin.
(basically all in the 'Weltenbrand' Guild. the one with the burning sphere as emblem)

well, then, as usual, if anything's up, just ask.

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