hi, Me again.

here i wanna give a little rundown of all jobclasses and how they're used in renewal.

1.) Primary Classes

Rune Knight:
Rune Knights can be played at 2 Major roles: AoE DPS or singletarget DPS. henxe they have the highest HP-mod of all classes in this game, it's not ment to be that big of a tank. well, it can be played tanky, but that would cut a RKs potential in half.

Warlock is are pure DPS-class: hence it can obtain a high resistance to any incoming damage, a warlock just doesn't have the HP to tank.
Most builds focus arround Reading spellbookj, wich let's a WL 'save' the casting of a spell and throw it instant into someone's face.

"While a Hunter goes to hunt, a Ranger goes to war." directly quoted from irowiki. and it's true. Ranger is by far the easiest class to level, and it's gears are very easy to get. it's great for AoE mobcontroö woth Arrowstorm and a good 1v1 fighter with autoattacks- with his high flee, a ranger also doesn't get hit too often, but is far from a tank. once cornered, a ranger goes down in seconds. good for farming stuff, but in matters of endgame-content very pricy and limited.

This class was a bit messed up by gravity. they tried to make it superior to a Whitesmith, but failed badly. only thing he surpasses a Whitesmith is it's tankyness and AoE-skills.
(i still curse gravity to not add a skill to him to actually upgrade armors, not only wespons)
there are usually 2 ways to play Mechanic: Axe or madogear. the axe-mechanic is played like a Whitesmith, but benefits from higher stats and some better gears.
a Mado-mechanic is a very costly option, due most skills need either ammo or some other pricy catalyst.

Guillotine Cross
One of the PVP-oriented Classes.  a GX has the potentioal to gush out insane ammounts of damage, but as usual, that depends on the gear he wears. but with usual gears it's still a good DPS-monster.

the Usual support class. due the incredible ammount of buffs he can provide, he shines in a party. plus- as usual with the right gears- this class is literally immortal due high heal spam and negating a lot of damage.

2.) Secondary Classes

Royal Guard
The Royal Guard is the typical tank-class: big, bulky and a thick shield. with the many shield-based skills, his role is ismple: pole a mob, hpld it's aggro and don't die. hence he doesn't have that high HP compared to his Runeknigt-counterpart, he's way tankier than him.

halv Offensice Caster, half Support. that's whyt you can call a sorceror. his main role in a party is to buff the partymembers and debuff the opponent.

a bit of an odd couple: also mainly a support class, they have some good buffs and effects no other class can provide: increase Crit, Aspd, Atk, casting, and so on. in a party, they can literally double to tripple the party#s effectivity.

maybe the most versatile class, but also, the most expensive and hardest to control one. he can surpasses any class in damageoutput, but on the other hand, the price for that is very high due any of his skills need some catalyst, from wich some can't be bought.

abother DPS-heavy class, with the potential highest burst-damage skill in the game. usually a Sura relies heavily on combos, but also can onehit most even stong MvPs with asura-strike.

Shadow chaser
a pure PvP class. hence it's quite hard to lvl a chaser, once he's maxed he's the most annoying opponent oyu can have in pvp: stripping you naked, disband your mount, making you overall helpless like a little baby in a snowstorm.

3.) Expanded Classes

This Classes overall have no transcent or 3rd class.

before renewal, the TK-Branch was very strong: a TK-ranker was able to play on par with a paladin or Lord knight HP-wise, a TK-Master was one of the few classes to solo T%hor's volcano. nut not anymore. they are quite outdated in terms of tasnkiness and DPS. more like for-fun builds.
Only Soul Linker with his incredible buffs is more useful nowadays.

The Ninja-class is also more a for fun class, hence they actually CAN play on par with some 3rd classes, but that is very costly gearwise.

Gunnys are quite fun to play, especially when actually hit the 2nd form, rebellion.  similar to ninjas it's more a for-fun class but also rebellion is able to gush out some insane damage- for a price. not cheap, but fun to play.

well, here we have the jack of all trades: a supernovice can learn almost every 1st class skill, has with 99 the highest joblevel out there... but that's actually all. well, he has a 2nd form, the extended supernovixe that can learn a bunch of 2nd class skills, but after all, this class is a pure fun class: it has the lowest maxHP/maxSP in the game, can't wear any good armors and can only goof off a bit.

The Newest addition on playable chars in RO is the Doram-Race, that only has 1 class: the Summoner- it has quite a few good buffs and offensive abilities, but currently due the lack of a gear-variety it's a bit one-sided to play.

i hope this little rundown helps you to choose oyur first/next class :)

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