This will solely some endgame guide, i don't feel the need of explaining how to lvl a Ranger, because quite frankly: it's the easiest-to-lvl class we have.

+ Good Damage vs Singletargets AND a bigger Mob.
+ Doesn't rely on AS alone to kill off a single opponent compared to a pure AS build.
+ High Survivability due decent Flee, Vit and HP
+ Quick casttime of Arrowstorm
+ Quite versatile and flexible: can go on singletargets as well asd on big mobs.

- No Instancast Arrowstorm
- Lower singletarget DPS than Pure Autowarger.
- slightly lower aspd than pure autowarg build.

a small explanation to autowarg:
if the Ranger has learned the Skill "Wug Strike", his Wug/Warg has a chance to attack the opponent with normal autoattacks.
the normal chance is 1%, but for each 3 luck your char has the chance increases by 1%.
so to say, at 30 luck the ranger has a [1 + (30/3)]% = 11% chance of his warg to attack. a pure autowarg-ranger optes fore 120 base luck for a 40% chance of warstrike while attacking. with several gears, buffs and foods this luck can brought to 150 or even 180, what results in a freaking 50-60% chance of his warg automatically attacking with each hit. high aspd is the goal, so a pure autowarg-ranger has high flee and can mash down many MvPs in seconds.

anyway, back to the guide.

1.) Stats

Usually, Autowarg-rangers have a different statbuilds than AS-Ranger. the hybrid has lower 'main'stats than their pure counterpart.
my build suggests:

Str: 7+x (leftover statoints go here, and it adds a bit carryweight)
Agi: 100+x (for aspd and flee)
Vit: 85+x (aim for 100 vit for Stun-immunity. a Ranger gets 6 vit from maxed job, and oyu can easyily get a +10 vit-food from either a vending machine or from Hydrolancers)
Int: 100+x (more SP, faster Arrowstorm cast)
Dex: 120+x (Hit, Faster Cast, Ranged damage, a bit aspd-boost)
Luk: 85+x (30%+ Wautowarg-chance)

the +X part is up to your gears: some equips give +stats, some are enchantable with stats, etc. the mentioned stats are your 'base-stats', what oyu directly can set while lvling.

2.) Skills

Owls Eye 10, Vulture's eye 10, Improve concentration 10, Doublestrafe 10, Arrow Shower 9

The most are up to you, but i highly suggest:
Wind Walk 10 (adds a bit flee + higher walking speed.)
True Sight 10 (+5 all stats, adds a damageboost to all Ranged Autoattacks + Archer/Sniper Skills.)
Ankle Snare 5 (useful trap, also required for Aimed bolt and so for Arrowstorm)
Claymore Trap 1 (Reqzuired for trap Mastery)
everything else is up to you.

Aimed Bolt 10 (Prereq. Skill for Arrow Storm, plus on a snared Target it has potentially higher damage than Arrowstorm)
Arrow storm 10 (your main Mobcontrol-skill)
Trap Research 1 (that little +maxSP and +Int is very useful)
Ranger Main 1 (prereq. skill for Camouflage)
Camouflage 5 (Similar to Hide, but only works on monsters. except MvPs, Insect and Demon, those see you anyway)
Fear Breeze 5 (nice buff, plus prereq. for Unlimit)
Unlimit 5 (Best selfbuff in the game. a bit overpowered. it boosts your ranged attacks by 50% each level, so at lvl 5 you do 350% atk)
Warg mastery 1 (to get a wolfie)
Tooth of Wug 10 (Increses wolfie's damage)
Wug Strike 5 (commads wolfie to attack.)
Wug Rider 3 (i recomment 3, beacause you can come around with that quite fast. attention: only traps can be set while riding a wolf)
Sensitive Keen 3 (uncloaks everyone in a square of 11x11 around you. useful to get hiding players or MvPs out.)

3.) Equip

3.1) Weapon:
most of you will use an Elven Bow-/Elven arrow set, wich isn't that bad.
for our Build and for higher AS-damage a Big Crossbow is recommended. you can get it from the Cecils iin biolab 3.

3.2) Armor:

Due we still lack some Instances for superior endgame gears on this server at the moment, the White Wing Set is mandatory.

White Wing Suit [1]: can be Dropped from Anubises to quite a high rate. it's basically the best Armor in the game, due it adds 2% ranged attack for each refine. has 1 slot.
White Wing Brooch[0] : Can be dropped from Aciduses (both, gold and Blue)
White Wing Manteau and Boots: Can be obtained in Mora for 10 Mora Coins Each.

Those Items can all be enchanted in Mora with Special Stats: Manteau, Boots ans Armor can get 3 Enchantments, the Brooch only 2 Enchantments.
check Here: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Mora_Enchants What enchantments can be obtained.

As Upper Headgear i recommend the Ancient golden Ornament, Wich can be crafted in Lighthalzen (1000 items from violab 3+4 mobs are needed. good luck)
it's a very good Headgear that adds 3 Dex and 10% Ranged Damage for Rangers.
Middle Headgear should be Either Robo eyes from the Cash-shop, Enhanced Binoculars (can be Crafted in the Eden Group) or small Devil Honrs (from Kafra Headgear quest in priontera)
Lower Headgear: well, up to you: Spiked Scarf, Gangster Scarf, etc.

Best (at the moment availiable) Possible Gearset:

+20 Giant Crossbow / 2 x Archer Skeleton Card, 2 x EA3 Enchant ----> +100% Arrowstorm Damage, +32% ranged atk.
+20 White Wing Suit, EA 3/3/5 Enchants, Pocellio Card ----> +62% Ranged Attack, +25 Atk. (Setbonus: +2 Aspd, +50% AS-damage, +30% Ranged Atk)
White Wing Manteau 3/4/5 agi Enchantments ----> +12 agi
+9 White Wing Boots Sharp 1/2/3 Enchants, Firelock Soldier Card ---->  Hit + 9, Crit + 27, +10% MaxHP/SP
2 x White wing Brooch with SP+100/150 Enchants ----> +500 maxSP
+20 Ancient Gold Ornament, +3dex/+3Dex Enchant, Dark Pinguicula Card ----> +10% ranged, +9 Dex, +10 atk
Small Devil horns ----> +5% Atk/mAtk, +10% maxHP/SP
Gangster Scarf ----> +5 atk
+ 40 Atk
+ 5% Atk
+ 134% ranged Attack
+150% Arrow Storm Damage
+ 20% MaxHP/SP
+ 2 Aspd
+9 Dex
+ 12 agi

this gearset (well, it will take years or a horrible ammount of zeny and farming time) would be enough to probably onethit around 99% of everything that walks this server.

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