le boss told me to write a Guide to the several other currencies other that zeny.
well, i'm a lazy person, so i just give a quick rundown on those =P

Cash Poins

Those Points are used in the ingame-cash shop. you can find it next to the minimap on the upper right corner.

how to get those:

1.) donating on the Homepage

2.) using a "Cash Coin" from various events (Poring catcher, maybe some more in the future.)

2.) using an "Al Hikmah Coin" from Poring catcher (Hence the GM intents to add a special vender for this coins, better save em up.)

Mora Coins

This Coins have 2 purposes:
- Buying Mora-Equipsets for Archbishop, Warlock, Rune Knight, Guillotine Cross And Ranger.
- Enchanting those equip-sets with stats and perks.

how to get those? well, most of you think only by Mora Dailies, but there are a few other quests and ways to get those. here a rundown on ALL ways i know:
1.) "Theore's Request" is a quite short quest and gives 10 mora coins. but you need the  "Ring of the Ancient Wise King" for that. luckily it is storable, so you have to do this quest only with 1 char.
so, just do the "Cat Hand New world Access quest":

open for info

- Go to the Eden Group Headquarters and then talk with the Cat Hand agent, who is situated near the desk on the first floor (ground floor).
- Choose "Why don't you collect it yourself?", and then "I'll help the merchants".
- Pay the one-time fee of 50,000 zeny, and he will then teleport you to the quarantined area of the Sograt Desert.
- Walk east and then talk with the cat (moc_fild20 368, 197).
- Choose "Let's do this!", and he will then teleport you to the Dimensional Gorge.
- Walk north and then talk with the Cat Hand agent.
- Choose "To the other world!", and he will then teleport you to the New World.

then the "Ring of the Ancient wise King" Quest: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Ring_of_the_Wise_King
with this, you can do theore's Request: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Theore's_Request
sadly, it's not repeatable (you can only do it once with each char). but i'ts the quickest way to get mora coins by quest without the need of the Hazy forest instance.

2.) Mora Dailies.
This is a quick way to earn at least 5 Mora coins a day with simple items and a short killstreak. if you're good with soloing the hazy forest, you can also accept this daily too for up to 30 Mora coins: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Mora_Daily_Quests

3.) Helping Lope and Euridi
another quest for 10 Mora Coins, rather quick, but you need to go through the Instance at least once to finish it and you need 30 of the item "Lope's clues" dropped fromParus, wich are only in that instance: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Helping_Lope_and_Euridi

4.) if you've run the Instance a few time (but why?) and have a ton of "Lope's clues" and "Mysterious Seeds", you can do the Knights of the Neightbpurhood-requests:

5.) The most expensive way (i can not recommend) is trade C-Class Coins from Malangdo (i explain those a bit further down) to Mora Coins:  10 C-Class coins for 1 Mora-Coin.

Where to Get the Equips:

for Rune Knight, Guillotine cross and Ranger, only 2 Pieces of the sets can be bought: Garments and Footgear. the other 2 parts of any of those sets can be hunted.
the NPC for that is the "Guardian of Power (Mora 152, 97)". each piece costs 10 mora coins.

For Warlock-Equips, you need to talk to "Guardian of Artifacts (Mora 104, 76) "- Unfortunally, you only can chose the type of the gear (shoes, armor, garment, weapon, accessory), but not wich elemental part of that gear. that is decided random (it can take up to 3-400 mora coins, or even more, if you're extremely unlucky to get a completed set)

For Arcbishop-Equips, It's ismilar to the Warlock's: you only can chose the type of the equip (shoes, garment, armor, weapon, accessory). but with only 2 different sets (Judgement and Affection) it's easier to complete either one compared to Warlock.

Where to Enchant the Equips:
please refer to http://irowiki.org/wiki/Mora_Enchants to get all infos. it would make no sense if i just stupidly repeat here what's written there already xD

Manuk And Splendide Coins
There are 3 ways to use this coins:
- Exchange them For several New World related Consumables (less Damage from some of tho9se mobs, More damage on those mobs. not really useful at our rates here.)
- Exchange Splendide Coins for some costume Headgears in Eclage: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Eclage_Costume_Maker
- Exchange Splendide Coins for some Midgame-Accessories (Statgloves): http://irowiki.org/wiki/Eclage

Sadly, Those Coins are characterbound in official, but let's hope our GM make em at least storageable.

but how to get them?
well, farming those is quite harder that getting Mora Coins (lets annoy our GM long enough to add em at the Vending Box xD ):

1.) 15 Manuk and 25 Splendide Coins: The Two Tribes Quest. you need to have the Ring of the Wise King Quest done and the item equipped (you HAVE to do the quest. only wearing the ring won't work): http://irowiki.org/wiki/Two_Tribes

2.) 10 Manuk OR 10 Splendide Coins: Guardian of Yggdrsil Quest (you need the two Tribes quest for that ;) ): http://irowiki.org/wiki/Guardian_of_Yggdrasil

3.) Splendide Coins only: Several Splendide and Eclage Dailies (around 10 per day)

4.) Manuk Coins only: Several Manuk Dailies.

sadly, on higher exp-rates than 5x noone ever does this quests, because the exp-outcome of those isn't as high as simple grinding for the same time. also, after the weeks of farming coins for those accessories most of them are quite useless to you because you should be maxlevel and that accessories aren't that great for endgame content (well, int and Str Gloves are ok when slotted, the 4 other only useful at some point when leveling and not high enough for better tiered equips).
if you just want the Costumes: they're just for looks, and noone ever just grinds that long for some costume-item.

A-Class to E-Class Coins and Seagod's Anger
Those Coins are Used for Several Malangdo-Based enchants and (Once implementes) Costume Exchange/Enchants.
due the shere ammount of coins you need until you get your desired enchants, those coins are quite valuable, plus on official setting they're neither trade nor storable (lets hope our GM makes them also storable, because you easily sell them accidently).
sadly there aren't many way's to get those.

1.) Seagod's Anger are Only obtainable through the quite tough "Malangdo Culvert" Instance: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Malangdo_Culvert

2.) A-Class to E-Class Coins have a few more ways to be farmed, but not really easier:
- also this instance: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Malangdo_Culvert
- the Octopus cave instance: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Octopus_Cave
- Random Coinbag-crops from Biolab 4 MvPs
- Exchange expensive Silvervine Fruits for A-class Coins 1:2-3 (10 Silvervines for random 25-30 A-Class Coins)

the malangdo-enchantment infos can be found here: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Malangdo_Enchants
also would make no sense to stupidly repeat anything what's already written there ;)

i hope i got all special currencies usually used in this game. if i forgot something, tell me, i add it.

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