Hello there,

most people team up with someone to actually level a priest as buffslave.
what if i told you there's also an easy solo way?
well, i said easy. i never said it's cheap or faster ;)

(this is just a quite short quickguide. i even missed a poring-event for that =/)

ok, lets get started:

1/1 novie:
go to Prontera field 8 and kill a poring. that should bring you to job 10.
----> Jobchange to Acolyte.

2/1 Acolyte;:
Go back to Pront field 8 and kill a few mobs until you have heal level 10.
equips: some staff, anything you can wear is ok.
stats: int all the way.

now, go to Payon dungeon 1 and healbomb the Zombies (heal damages undeadz ;) ).
either hold shift and use heal on the zombies, or activate noshift with typing /ns into the chat.
once your healdamage is high enough, you should be able to onehit the skeletons, too.
stay in payon cave 1 until you hit joblvl around 40, then go down to lvl 2 and stay there until job 50.
Suggested Skills (all skill prereq. for priest & high priest):
Heal 10
Blessing 10
Increase Agi 10
Ruwach 1
Teleport 1
Divine Protection 10
Demon Bane 5
Angelus 2
----> Jobchange to priest.
equip/stats: staff as usual, when you hit 80 int, go for dex.

go to payon cave 2 again, kill a few skel archers/soldiers until you have the skill "turn undead".
once you have this skill, go to morroc Pyramids level 3 and kill Mummies.

next jobevels should go into "Safety Wall", then "Magnus Exorcismus"
once you have ME at level 5-6, go to ""Glast Heim St Abbey", collect a few mobs, stand into a safetywall and use ME to finish them off.
ATTENTION: "ME" has an awful long casttime and needs like safetywall a blue gemstone for each cast. so, bring enough of those.
you can stay there until lvl 90, then switch over to Glastheim Churchyard and kill Dark Priests with ME until lvl 99.

---> Rebirth -> repeat all above. ----> Jobchange to Arcbishop.
Statwise: 100 int/dex, then vit until you hit 100, then... int/dex and agi for a bit flee.

Allright, Fun starts here: AB has some incredible strong singletarget-attack: "Adoramus" (this skill also uses up a Blue Gemstone per cast).
usually, this spell isn't that strong:

but there's a way to make it quite powerful:

yes, you see right: i did over 50k damage with this skill.

to make that damage, you need 2 things: the right equipment and understand elements.
1.) The "Judgement Set" from mora enhanced your Adoramus by 200%. yes. with this set alone your adoramus does 3x damage. you need a lot of mora Coins to get a complete set, because the NPC's an ass that gives random parts.

2.) Adoramus does Holy elemental damage, so it hurts Dark and Undead element very bad.

well, once oyu have the Mora Set and Adoramus lvl 10, you can slaughter most mobs with this skill.
i for example stayed at gefenia, killing Incuibi, succubi and Abyssmal knights until level 140, then i started MvPing.
you even can solo bigger ones like Atroce:

just stay away from holy element mobs like Valkyrie, you can'T hurt them with Adoramus.
also, some MvPs are quite difficult for AB to solo, better bring some friends with you....

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