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Simple (legit) RO-Lifehaxx

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must be illegal you think? nope.
it's less about hacks, but more likely useful commands and tricks the client can do nobody tells you about because quite frankly: they are somewhere in the changelogs of the official client.

1.) Item Linking.
The Client is capable to link any item as it is (yes, with upgrades, cards and enchantments) into the chat, where everyone that gets the message can click on it and see the item as if he clicked on it.
how to do it?
<hold shift + leftclick> on the item
in your chatline should appear your item where the cursor is:

hey, check out my godly <+17 Big Crossbow of Chinook Double>

as you send it, anyone that gets your message is able to click on it.

2.) Quick Item Drag&Drop
you all know that: you have a ton of items to stuff into the storage. but there's a quicker way than just drag&drop it from your inventory into your storage:
<hold Alt + rightclick> on the item.
if only the inventory is open, nothing happens. but if your Storage also is open, the item (or the stack of items) is directly stuffed into your storage.
no more drag&drop the 30 White wing suits you just hunted, just hold alt and rightclick-spam the items, and they're directly put in your storage.
this command also works for Carts (merchant class) , vending or if you wanna trade with another player.
if you have multiople thing open, the item is put in the window with the highest priority:
storage > trade > inventory > cart (while storage/guild storage has the highest priority, your cart has the lowest.)
BEWARE: there's a small bug in ths system:
if you try to put an unstorable item into your cart or inventory (either restricted, too heavy or too many), the next item you try to put there won't work as intended. you have to drag&drop it as usual into your desired location, that resets this bug and alt-rightclick works again.

3.) Setting your Hotkeys
Well, that's quite normal for us oldie's but newbies might not know that:
usually, you have some emotes when hitting <alt + 1-9>
that's neat, but not as useful as other commands.
you can bring up your hotkey-list with <alt+m> and set anything there what you usually type often: "hello", "buffs please :)" but also commands: "@storage", "@go 5", etc.
anything you put in there, is automatically send as if you typed it into the chat and hit enter.
for example, if you have "@go 5" at alt+2, everytime you hit <alt+2> you automatically warp to izlude without the need of typing it in.

i write more when they're coming to my mind :)

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Thanks for sharing them... Even me, I don't know about linking item before you told me...  :D


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