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Quick Guide to Battlemode: wtf is that and how can i use it?

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hi there.

most of you are aware of your skillbar at the top of the screen:


by default, this skillbar is set to your F1 - F9 buttons.

some are quite uncomfortable with that, so and again fear not, you can set almost any key you want there.
additionally, you can add 3 more skillbars there, so you have a sum of 36 buttons oyu can set for skills and items.

ypi can kust open this more skillbars just by pressing F12 or pull the lower right corner of the skillbar up and down.
let's have a look at the full skillbar:


you'll notice the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the right side? that's actually the number of the row (no shit, sherlock).
but how can you edit that?

well, open your Options and click on "BM/Shortcut Settings":


this should bring up your Battlemode/Shortcut/interface options (ignore the interface and macro section: you can mess up your lcient when oyu don't know about the interface stuff, and te Macro-settings are also not that useful):


here you can set any buttons you want, but don't forget to actually enable battlemode with checking the option at the bottom line.

now the numbers from the skillbar come in handy:
you'll see that 1-1 to 1-9 is set to F1 to F9 by default. that's the top line with the 1 at the right side.


2-1 to 4-9 aren't set by default, yo you can use whatever buttons you like.
i prefer going down one line after another, so you don't really have to memorize what friggin button was what on the keyboard.

how to activate/deactivate battlemode?

easy: just hit enter. you'll see it at your chatbox.

Battlemode Activated:

Battlemode Deactivated:

oh, btw: the 2 single spaces you see all alone: you can't set them to buttons (as far as i know.). most people use it to stuff items like ammo or other usables into it to quick access it instead searching the inventory.

well, that's all for today, folks :)

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:yep:  It is a very informative guides. Thanks.


You are here » Let's Play Ragnarok Forum » System Guides » Quick Guide to Battlemode: wtf is that and how can i use it?